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The Gift of Circular Board

I first stumbled across Circular Board as the result of a regular morning walk with a friend. I was debriefing her on season one of Fig & Dove, a line of high end Christmas decorations I had designed and brought to market in just twelve months. After a year of whirlwind best guess decisions, the

Pigeonhole Productions

Game makers at Pigeon Hole Productions team up with scientists from the Salk Institute and UC San Diego

Innovative game production studio Pigeon Hole Productions has collaborated with a team of neuroscientists at the Salk Institute for Biological Studies and UC San Diego in a series of projects that have implications for basic and applied scientific research. The team is developing a video game to be used as a framework for investigating human

2016 Guide to Owning Yourself and Growing Your Business

2016 Guide to Owning Yourself and Growing Your Business

Click to download the Circular Board’s 2016 Guide to Owning Yourself and Growing Your Business. 2016 is upon us (seriously — how did that happen so fast?!?), and it’s time to grab the next 365 days by the horns and shake it up for all its worth. Here’s our three-minute read to owning your big, bad,